Mountain Bikes

The Kerveli Village Hotel can rent you high quality mountain bikes, which you can use to explore the picturesque island of Samos. We realise that you may wish to visit areas away from Kerveli and to facilitate this it is possible to use the hotel’s jeep to either do a one way transfer so you can ride back or you can ride to place and we can pick you up. You may however be interested in going somewhere far from the hotel and a round trip transfer is also available. We are also happy to offer guided tours if you ask at the reception.

Happy pedaling!


More about Samos’ nature….

A Greek summer is all about being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, scenery and ambience and nowhere is this truer than Samos. Some people want to come and just relax, there is not a better place to do this but in recent times Samos has become more and more popular with cyclists and especially mountain bikers. The roads are rarely congested or busy so a bicycle is the perfect way to get around. It also lets you see a lot of the island in this most eco-friendly style. Short morning or afternoons trips are a great way to enjoy the fresh air but for those who really enjoy a challenge the tracks that the farmers use to get to their crops and the ancient pathways that cross the mountains have become famous to mountain bikers.

Cycling through the opulent countryside of Samos fills the senses with the sights and smells that make Samos unique with its abundant herbs such as oregano and thyme, the vivid yellows of broom and purple heather. The Pine forests offer a huge contrast with their shade and woodland smells. The birdlife of Samos is famous so try and listen for the nightingale in the valley which bears its name and watch for the flying jewels which are the rollers and bee-eaters.




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