2017: Yoga Retreat in Kerveli Village Hotel & Kerveli Luxury Villa

Exact dates to be announced soon.

Samos Yoga Shala welcomes you to a retreat on the beautiful Samos Island in the Northern Aegean. Through the great luxury accommodation of ‘Kerveli Village Hotel’ & ‘Kerveli Luxury Villa’, the combination of the relaxed lifestyle on the island and the daily practice of yoga, you will calm your body, find inner peace and harmony, and reach a balance you can take back home with you when it's time to go.

You will be taught different styles on yoga based on Hatha yoga predominantly, with mellow Ashtanga inspired classes full of dynamism and discipline. Classes are suitable for all levels, including yoga newbies, and are held at the Kerveli Village's terrace with the spectacular view to the sea, sunrise and moon sequence, by the experienced teacher Maro Georgatou.


Yoga Classes

You can enjoy a yoga class at Kerveli Village's terrace with experienced teacher Maro Georgatou from the end of May until September. Combination of yoga practice and sunrise colors will make this experience unforgettable. Guided meditations, moon sequence on full moon nights and evening mellow Hatha Yoga classes every week will relax you totally.

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