Samos is an island with a rich and proud history but one not without its fair share of turmoil. With periods of independence, invasion, dictatorship, abandonment and finally becoming part of modern Greece in 1912 the story of this island and its people are told in its many museums. Traditions, skills and wildlife are also recorded to make an interesting backdrop to a fascinating island. 

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Archaeological Sites

Samos is an incredibly important island when it comes to archaeological sites. There are world famous and World Heritage Sites such as the The Eupalinio Tunnel and the Harbour at Pythagorion which have been described as two of the greatest engineering feats of the ancient world to places of worship such as the Temple of Hera.

Some of these sites you have to pay to enter and there is restricted visiting times but there are numerous sites along the side of roads where the dwellings of everyday people have been unearthed. It all adds the timeless ambience of the island.

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Events & Festivals

Summertime is the time of festivals in Greece and our climate in Samos means that we tend to think of our summers as being 8 months long. As well as the more usual festivities such as Easter and Christmas nearly every settlement has its own saints day but some are more important than others, so here is a small selection of Samos festival and events, some are linked to the church but most are just a local celebration of life. You are welcome to join in.

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Swimming Places

Samos is surrounded by some of the most beautiful sea in world and the warm summer Aegean makes a perfect place to go for a dip. In some areas the access to the sea is steep and rocky and care should be taken gaining access to the sea. Once in however these rocky areas make an excellent place to snorkel.

Easier access is from one of Samos’ numerous award winning beaches. Potokaki and Mykali are popular bathing areas and the small bay at Psili Ammos is very popular with families, especially with young children, as its golden sands shelve very gently and you have to go a long way to find deeper water. This beach is very popular with locals and can be busy at weekends.

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