Archaeological Sites

Samos is an incredibly important island when it comes to archaeological sites. There are world famous and World Heritage Sites such as the The Eupalinio Tunnel and the Harbour at Pythagorion which have been described as two of the greatest engineering feats of the ancient world to places of worship such as the Temple of Hera.

Some of these sites you have to pay to enter and there is restricted visiting times but there are numerous sites along the side of roads where the dwellings of everyday people have been unearthed. It all adds the timeless ambience of the island.

A great starting point for any archaeological foray around the island is the Museum of Archaeology in Samos Town or the new Archaeological Museum in Pythagorion. Who not only display artefacts found on the island but give a great insight into the island’s history and can give accurate advice about specific sites.

Opening times can change throughout the year so to avoid disappointment please check with reception that the museum or site you wish to visit will be open.

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