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Summertime is the time of festivals in Greece and our climate in Samos means that we tend to think of our summers as being 8 months long. As well as the more usual festivities such as Easter and Christmas nearly every settlement has its own saints day but some are more important than others, so here is a small selection of Samos festival and events, some are linked to the church but most are just a local celebration of life. You are welcome to join in.

One of Greece’s most famous classical composers, Manolis Kalomoiris, has close family ties to Samos and every year venues all over the island are opened up to orchestras from all over the world to perform. This summer festival is seen as one of Greece’s cultural highlights.

The “Samos Wine Festival” is a Dionysian celebration of thanks. With the Samos grapes picked and happily fermenting in their vats and the new crop ripening on the vine then it is time to celebrate. In August the “Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos” travels around the island with wine drunk, souvlakis on the grill and musicians from all over Greece performing. The wine is served in Samian pottery and these wine cups make great souvenirs.

August really is Samos ’festival month with the “Feast of The Virgin Mary” celebrated throughout the island with dancing in village squares which can last all night long.
If traditional music isn’t really your taste you could try the “Ireon Music Festival”, or “Ireon Rocks’’ as it used to be known. For three evenings, Ireon, the closest settlement to the famous Heraion, Temple of Hera jumps to the sound of bands from all over Europe. The festival has grown year by year and is now established on Samos’ event calendar.

Greece has always had a close affinity to the sea and Samos is no different. The “Aegean Sailing Rally” is organised by the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club (HORC) and takes in the islands of Kos, Symi and Rhodes but Samos is the main centre with the port of Karlovassi and the Pythagorio marina used. The event takes place at the end of May and the beginning of June.

Another sea related festival also in June is the ?Feast of the Fishermen” in Pythagorio. Dancing in the street, freshly grilled fish and a drop of Samos wine to wash it down are the highlight of this festival.

There are many more celebrations, some for the whole island and some just for one small village or area. Ask at the hotel whilst you are there, someone may know of a celebration going on where you can join in.

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